Children's Commissioner


in support for young carers 'alarms' Children's Commissioner

Around 40,000 Kiwis aged 15 to 25 are believed to be responsible for providing a significant level of care for family who are ill, disabled or struggling with addiction or mental health issues. The issue was brought to light after an in-depth investigation by Sunday looked a...
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Children's Commissioner tells Pharmac

Children's Commissioner Andrew Becroft is warning Pharmac not to play one group of children with a life-threatening illness off against another.His comments come after RNZ revealed that Pharmac is likely to end the blanket provision of child cancer drugs.Pharmac sa...
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'Can you please come to my school and help me?'

Judge Andrew Becroft intervened in the case after the boy, 13, wrote to him following his suspension for his involvement in a fight.The boy moved to the school last year as a directed enrolment, meaning the Ministry of Education ordered the school to enrol him after it initi...
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after police admit illegally taking photos of young Māori

The Children's Commissioner is demanding to know whether police are routinely taking pictures of young people on the street nationwide.He joins others, including Wairarapa iwi, calling for an investigation after the police in the region admitted illegally taking pictures of ...
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of large care and protection residences

The Children's Commissioner has backed a call for the closure of New Zealand's large care and protection residences and the eventual abolition of the four youth justice detention centres.It comes after a report for the Human Rights Commission found that the use of ...
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children having shoes, says children's commissioner

Last week, the latest Child Poverty Monitor report revealed 235,000 children – about one in five kids – live in poverty.In some senses, including those raw numbers, the statistic is shocking.But it also represents progress.Children’s Commissioner Judge Andrew...
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after report reveals one in five children live in income poverty

Child poverty advocates are calling for action after a new report revealed one in every five children in New Zealand is living in income poverty - and COVID-19 could make it worse.The Child Poverty Monitor released their annual report on Wednesday in partnership with the Off...
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The Children’s Commissioner is undertaking a review of Oranga Tamariki

Tamariki do best when they are cared for and nurtured by their whānau. For pēpi Māori, their connections to whakapapa and the importance of whanaungatanga affirm the importance of them remaining in the care of their whānau. This review recognises that ‘whānau’ exten...
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