Oranga Tamariki


to reform Oranga Tamariki

This week the Government said it would accept all the recommendations made by the group, including decentralising decision-making to communities and making uplifts an absolute last resort.Oranga Tamariki's problems have been well-documented over the past couple of years, suc...
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The road is long

September 30, 2021

for Oranga Tamariki

The sheer number of reviews, reports and restructurings has generated considerable cynicism about the capacity of Oranga Tamariki (and its many earlier configurations) to address the issues that have been highlighted since the 1986 Ministerial Advisory Committee Review and P...
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'You will see change'

The government created the advisory group in January to help reform Oranga Tamariki, as part of its response to widespread criticism of the ministry's policy of removing vulnerable children from their families.The panel has this morning released its report and three over-arc...
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Oranga Tamariki to

September 30, 2021

'end uplifts as we have known them' in massive overhaul

Kelvin Davis on Wednesday said the Government has accepted every single recommendation made by an independent board set up earlier this year to advise on how the department - which has been heavily criticised over the past two years - can be salvaged, particularly when it co...
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Hope mixed with cynicism

September 30, 2021

in response to Oranga Tamariki 'generational change'

Even if the latest report into Oranga Tamariki contained little in the way of surprising revelations, its words would have stung nonetheless.The ministerial advisory board tasked by Children's Minister Kelvin Davis with assessing the ministry's culture and processes fou...
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'Self-centred' Oranga Tamariki

September 29, 2021

must devolve resources to community - report

A “self-centred” Oranga Tamariki with weak systems and a propensity for being blown off course must shift from reaction to prevention and share more decision-making powers with Māori, yet another scathing review into the ministry has concluded.The Government has accepte...
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Oranga Tamariki admits

September 14, 2021

children sometimes kept in hospital longer than needed

Oranga Tamariki has admitted that it sometimes asks District Health Boards to keep children at hospitals longer than they are clinically required while they try to find them a suitable placement.It goes against the advice of the Children's Minister Kelvin Davis who has told ...
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Oranga Tamariki chief

August 18, 2021

takes leave for health reasons

Sir Wira Gardiner, the acting chief executive of Oranga Tamariki, has taken a leave of absence for "health reasons".Chappie Te Kani, Oranga Tamariki's acting deputy chief executive for governance and engagement, has taken over as acting chief executive of the department.Gard...
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because it says her cultural needs are unmet

A traumatised and neglected Māori girl was placed in the care of a Pākehā couple. They have provided her with a safe, healthy, loving environment for nearly three years. No one disputes that the girl, now nearly 6, has received excellent care from the couple.But Oranga Ta...
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Fleas, fear, threats:

July 28, 2021

15 Oranga Tamariki reports released publicly for the first time

So many warnings, so many opportunities: The frustrated words of the Assistant Māori Commissioner for Children as she slams Oranga Tamariki's lack of action on the safety of young people.Glenis Philip-Barbara’s words come after the Office of the Children's Commissioner (O...
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