An association of tangata whenua social workers that commits to support tangata whenua practitioners

A te wa, ma te wa, kua tai mai te ra, kia tutangata tatou i roto te mana o to tatou rangatiratanga

Now and in time, in this day we stand together in our rangatiratanga.

Tangata Whenua Social Workers Association

The development of ‘by Maori for Maori’ services has grown progressively over the past twenty years. Maori practice models, Maori frameworks, Maori fields of practice and iwi/Maori social services are all assertions of rangatiratanga.

An Association of Social Workers that commits to support Maori practitioners is a natural progression of the aspiration. It has been the vision of tangata whenua practitioners within the social services sector for many years.  

The need to develop an ethical framework, practice standards, competencies and professional development opportunities that acknowledge mohiotanga, matauranga, maramatanga, matatautanga and marautanga provided the impetus for the establishment of the Tangata Whenua Social Workers Association.

The seed was planted by the visionaries, nurtured by the foundation members and its growth will be evident to all. 

Kia Ora Te Wa o Matariki

Ki a koutou katoa.

Mauriora Tatou!

IFSW: Inaugural Global Commissioner: Indigenous Commission:

We are thrilled to announce the appointment of Hilary Weaver as the inaugural Global Commissioner of the IFSW Commission.

From the IFSW:

The IFSW executive has appointed Hilary Weaver as the global Commissioner of the Indigenous Commission. 

Hilary, a Lakota social worker residing in Haudenosaunee Territory in North America said,  “My vision is to bring my knowledge, skills, and talents to work as a partner with the talented, skilled, and knowledgeable leaders from around the world already working within the IFSW structure. With such partnerships comes synergy and transformational energy to move our profession forward. I would welcome the opportunity to serve my chosen profession through IFSW”.

Kia ora koutou katoa!

A te wa, ma te wa, takiri mai te ata, pakiri mai te mana. Hiko whakamua ou waariu o  matekitetanga, hei hapai to tatou rangatiratanga.

The dawn is breaking to strengthen our organisation to move forward with our values and visions to sustain our rangatiratanga.


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