Push to 'save' Children's Commissioner

from govt reforms

Concern is growing about plans to disestablish the Children’s Commissioner role and other changes to the oversight of the state care system, with children’s charities saying the reforms are being rushed through without sufficient scrutiny.

The Oversight of the Oranga Tamariki System and Children and Young People’s Commission Bill, which passed its first reading in November last year, would replace the commissioner’s position with a board made up of three to six people.

The legislation would establish an independent monitor of Oranga Tamariki to scrutinise the ministry’s adherence to national care standards, located within the Education Review Office rather than as a standalone entity - a decision which previously drew criticism from former Children’s Commissioner Andrew Becroft, as reported by Newsroom.

The Government has said the move away from a single commission to a board reflects the growing scope and importance of children’s issues, while it changed its plan to place the monitoring role with the Office of the Children’s Commissioner due to the belief that its advocacy role would come into conflict with its duties as a monitor.

Link to article: Push to 'save' Children's Commissioner from govt reforms (msn.com)


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