Almost 500 children,

teens in Oranga Tamariki care harmed during 2020-21

The agency says it is improving its care but has previously "acknowledged the vast improvement needed in compliance" across its social work practice.

This was noted by the Independent Children's Monitor, in its recent inaugural annual report, that found Oranga Tamariki was fully compliant just two percent of the time across all 12 of its own practice requirements, and that it still lacks the data to know if it's taking proper care of children or not.

It was compliant across six or more practice requirements three quarters of the time.
Read the monitor's full report (PDF: 25MB)

The Safety in Care report comes amid renewed controversy around the government's proposals to overhaul oversight of the state care system - some say weaken, by reducing the Children's Commissioner's powers.

It shows:
289 children suffered 344 incidences of physical harm
183 children suffered 252 incidences of emotional harm
77 suffered 88 incidences of sexual harm
58 cases of neglect of 34 children

Most occurred in the actual placement - such as the family or non-family home or youth residence - and a minority away from the placement, for instance, abuse by a stranger.

Link to article: Almost 500 children, teens in Oranga Tamariki care harmed during 2020-21 | RNZ News


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