Govt repeals Oranga Tamarki's

'Subsequent Child' provision

The 'Subsequent Child' provision applies to a parent who has had a child taken off them and essentially can make it much harder for them to retain or have care of other children.

The complex provision was introduced into the Oranga Tamariki Act by the National government and means when Oranga Tamariki becomes aware that a parent who meets these criteria is having another child, a social worker must complete an assessment to ensure the parent is not likely to inflict the same harm to come to their other children. During this assessment, the parent must be able to prove the same harm is unlikely to occur to the subsequent child.

The Children's Commission report, Te Kuku o te Manawa, a review into the the removal of pēpi Māori, found the provisions assume these children are at automatic risk of harm. Effectively, the burden lies with the parent to prove this is not the case and the finding of this assessment must be reported to the Family Court.

Link to article: Govt repeals Oranga Tamarki's 'Subsequent Child' provision (msn.com)


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