The road is long

for Oranga Tamariki

The sheer number of reviews, reports and restructurings has generated considerable cynicism about the capacity of Oranga Tamariki (and its many earlier configurations) to address the issues that have been highlighted since the 1986 Ministerial Advisory Committee Review and Puao Te Ata Tū report.

This cynicism is felt by those within and external to the organisation. The last 30 years have been testimony to the power of mainstream organisations to perpetuate colonisation despite legislation that could have facilitated a different form of engagement between statutory care and protection and tangata whenua.

The optimist in me welcomes this latest report, from the Government's ministerial advisory board, because it has provided very clear recommendations that go to the heart of concerns. The pessimist in me feels the need to point out the enormity of the challenges and the significant shifts that will be needed to implement the Future Direction Action Plan.

Link to article: The road is long for Oranga Tamariki (msn.com)


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