Oranga Tamariki strip searches

to be 'phased out' - Minister for Children

Minister for Children Kelvin Davis says he doesn't want kids being strip-searched in Oranga Tamariki facilities, but it can't just be stopped without a replacement. 

© Video - Newshub Nation; Image - Getty Images Kelvin Davis on Newshub Nation.Newshub Nation on Saturday morning revealed dozens of strip searches have been carried out in the state agency's Youth Justice residences in the past six months, mostly at a single facility in Christchurch.

Items found ranged from broken glass, a sharpened felt-tip and marijuana, to ripped clothing and string.

"Nobody likes strip searches - not the people being searched, not the people doing the searches - and it is something that is being phased out," Davis told Newshub Nation, after being shown reporter Anna Bracewell-Worrall's shocking report

"We need to look at other ways of checking that people don't have concealed objects - scanning, patting down those sorts of things. So it is happening. 

Link to article: Oranga Tamariki strip searches to be 'phased out' - Minister for Children (msn.com)


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