Oranga Tamariki ‘review’

did not contact foster parents

Children's Minister Kelvin Davis has ordered Oranga Tamariki to stop its 'reverse uplifts' of children from foster care, after a limited internal review raised systemic issues

An internal Oranga Tamariki review of a 'reverse uplift' of children from their foster parents - highlighted in a court-injuncted Newsroom documentary - did not even talk to those parents and did not look into how they were treated by the agency.

The review, by the Chief Social Worker, instead focused on something that had not been in dispute, that the decision to approve the new whānau parents the children were moved to was sound.

Other issues raised by the internal review have troubled the Minister for Children, Kelvin Davis, so he has directed no further 'reverse uplifts' be conducted unless ordered by the Family Court.

Link to article: OT 'Review' Did Not Contact Foster Parents | Newsroom


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