Oranga Tamariki

‘all about agendas’

Since the release of a Newsroom Investigates video showing Oranga Tamariki uplifting children from their carers after two and a half years, Newsroom has been inundated by stories from other foster parents and caregivers who have been affected by the agency’s practices.

A foster parent* who experienced similar treatment to the family in this Newsroom Investigates video says she feels broken-hearted watching the documentary because it feels all too familiar.

Oranga Tamariki placed a child into her care for a short-term placement that ran to two years. Over that time they formed a bond and the child was happy and secure. However, the child protection agency then wanted the child returned to whānau.

“In the end I was so worn down by them [Oranga Tamariki]. They perpetuate trauma. It was clear their intention was to get the child back to whānau, and used a lot of tactics - bent the truth on several occasions, didn’t reply to emails, ignored concrete information I gave them about the child. It is a duplicitous agency - even those advocating hard like me are done over - everyone is done over in the end.

“As an organisation they need to realise it is their fear driving them. I used to think people calling for the disestablishment of OT was extreme - I don’t now - we have to have the courage and imagination to come up with something better. I’d like to see a restorative justice approach applied where they build relationships between caregivers and whānau so extreme approaches are not taken.

“No one puts the child first - it’s all about agendas.”

Link to article: Oranga Tamariki 'all about agendas' | Newsroom


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