Oranga Tamariki boss:

‘We have created harm’

Oranga Tamariki's Chief Executive appeared before the Waitangi Tribunal a day after a report from the Chief Ombudsman found the agency had used its draconian powers to uplift babies too readily in many cases

A Waitangi Tribunal hearing has seen Oranga Tamariki chief executive Gráinne Moss concede her organisation harmed families during some of its child uplifts.

Moss admitted errors had been made, but said many issues were improving thanks to a new strategy, extra funding, a recent law change, and new processes that were being put in place.

"What a number of the reports have outlined - and also the testimony of people has outlined - is there's been times in the past when that hasn't gone well and we have created harm." Moss said.

She appeared before the tribunal on Friday afternoon as part of a contextual hearing investigating the risk that Oranga Tamariki's policies and practices had been prejudiced against Māori.

Link to article: https://www.newsroom.co.nz/oranga-tamariki-boss-we-have-created-harm


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