Oranga Tamariki fronts up to

Waitangi Tribunal hearing

Oranga Tamariki's bosses have fronted up to the Waitangi Tribunal today to explain why Māori fare so badly in the state care system.

The panel overseeing the Oranga Tamariki urgent inquiry, from left to right, professor Rawinia Higgins, Judge Michael Doogan and Kim Ngārimu.

The tribunal's urgent inquiry into Oranga Tamariki, which in part seeks to find out why Māori are disproportionately taken into state care, is under way in Wellington.

It comes just a day after the Ombudsman released its own scathing report into the Ministry which found babies were routinely being removed from their whānau, rather than in exceptional cases only.

Link to article: https://www.msn.com/en-nz/news/national/oranga-tamariki-fronts-up-to-waitangi-tribunal-hearing/ar-BB17G1gI?ocid=msedgdhp#image=1


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