More routine than exceptions:

Ombudsman rules on Oranga Tamariki baby uplifts

Oranga Tamariki has been removing babies from their parents more by routine than exception, the Chief Ombudsman has ruled.

Peter Boshier has released a report, He Take Kōhukihuki: A Matter of Urgency, following his investigation into the policies and practices of the ministry’s removal of newborn Māori babies, which was sparked following the attempted uplift of a newborn from a mother in Hawke’s Bay last year.

"Removing newborn pēpi from their parents is one of the strongest uses of state power. New Zealanders must have confidence in how the law is being applied.

“The Oranga Tamariki Act permits the Ministry to act quickly to ensure the safety of pēpi who are at immediate risk of serious harm,” Boshier said.

Link to article: https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/300075793/more-routine-than-exceptions-ombudsman-rules-on-oranga-tamariki-baby-uplifts


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