‘The tip of the iceberg’

Taken by the State

Since publication of Newsroom’s extensive investigation into serious issues at Oranga Tamariki, our inbox has been flooded with stories from more current and former employees. 

In less than 48 hours after Newsroom’s in-depth inquiry into the children's ministry was published we received a high volume of correspondence from current and former Oranga Tamariki employees and others who interact with the agency. Every one confirms the issues brought to light in our article.

What is clear is the systemic issues within the child protection agency are having serious ramifications for a number of people, including tamariki.

Those who contacted us reiterated many of the problems Newsroom raised, including complaints not being investigated properly, a ‘toxic’ work environment, lip service paid to their Te Tiriti commitments and children being put at risk.

Again, all asked to remain anonymous due to fears over losing their jobs, potential legal threats and the possibility speaking out could compromise any future career working with children.

Link to article: https://www.newsroom.co.nz/ot-reaction


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