Indigenous leaders fear race attacks

amid Northern Territory tensions

Aboriginal leaders in the Northern Territory say they’re fearful tensions related to surging crime could boil over in the form of vigilante attacks, and that they’re being ignored in resourcing to fix the problem.

More than 3000 people gathered at a meeting on Monday which was supposed to discuss suing authorities for an increasing crime wave in the town of Alice Springs, but indigenous leaders and residents in attendance say it wasn’t long before discussions got heated and exposed intense divisions in the town.

“It felt hostile to me … it sort of became a real kind of rallying cry for quite divisive rhetoric and for creating a kind of explicit ‘us and them’ divide,” Central Arrernte man Declan Furber Gillick said.

Property offences in Alice Springs have risen by 60 per cent over the past 12 months, and some have pinned the surge on the lifting of restrictions on the sale of alcohol.

Link to article: Indigenous leaders fear race attacks amid Northern Territory tensions - NZ Herald


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