‘Kiwis are getting quite good at this’:

Hipkins tours a water-logged Auckland

New Prime Minister Chris Hipkins followed up an announcement of new cost of living measures on Wednesday with a visit to a North Shore Marae

The clouds parted and a tableau of brilliant blue rushed in to fill the void as the fledgling Prime Minister made his rounds of Auckland community hubs today.

There has been no time for training wheels for the nation's new leader, in a week full with natural disasters, cabinet reshuffles and announcements of cost-saving measures for Kiwis.

Visiting Awataha Marae on Auckland’s North Shore this afternoon, Hipkins was quick on his feet marching from conversation to photo opportunity.

As Minister for Covid Response during the thick of the pandemic, Hipkins is no stranger to the camera flash. The country’s top job, however, brings with it a whole new level of attention.

Some of that comes in the form of selfie requests from starstruck Kiwis, but some of it comes in the retinue of journalists ready to show up wherever he does with tricky questions in their arsenal.

Link to article: “Kiwis are Getting Quite Good at This”: Hipkins Tours a Water-logged Auckland | Newsroom


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