Call for later start

for senior high school students

Researchers are seeking the views of teenagers, whānau and schools as they put forward an argument that senior secondary students should start school later.

An editorial article published in the New Zealand Medical Journal today, titled Sleep-in to stay well: addressing school start times for the health and wellbeing of teens in Aotearoa, argues a start time of 9.45am is a "public health imperative".

"Teen sleep is really problematic… they have really poor sleep, very sleep-deprived because their sleep biology changes around puberty so they need to actually go to bed later than we do as adults," said University of Otago sleep researcher Professor Barbara Galland.

"Consequently they need to sleep-in in the morning but school start times put a break on that and they become chronically sleep deprived."

Link to video and article: Call for later start for senior high school students (1news.co.nz)


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