Māori music is hitting the mainstream

and it’s not by accident

Māori music is everywhere. It’s on airplanes, at the café, in the gym, at your local supermarket, in your earpods, all over Instagram and TikTok. It’s not by chance, either. 

Long carried by the Iwi Radio Network, waiata reo Māori have made a reinvigorated transition into mainstream consciousness with the support of a strategic campaign led by master orchestrator and visionary, Dame Hinewehi Mohi (Ngāti Kahungunu, Tūhoe).

Passionate about growing the repertoire of waiata reo Māori, she says the love being shown in Aotearoa through the response to waiata reo is incredible, beyond her wildest dreams.

“Music is a wonderful platform for telling stories, for bringing people together, for sharing in a world that is so … at war, at odds with the environment and so disconnected as a result of the isolation that the pandemic has created. We need music and we need waiata Māori to really tie us together and create a sense of cultural identity and nationhood,” says Dame Hinewehi.

Working behind the scenes to facilitate the outpouring of new reo Māori waiata she developed Waiata Anthems.

Link to article: Māori music is hitting the mainstream and it’s not by accident | The Spinoff


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