The tragedy of being Māori

and tone deaf

My family are the only Māori in South Taranaki who can’t sing. Perhaps there’s a gene we’re missing or our tongues are too fat for our mouths. Either way, long drives have always been a problem. Here is how the public has described Carpool Karaoke with the Ngarewas: 

“Couldn’t tell what was them or their worn brake pads.”

“I felt like Beyonce by comparison.”

“The audible equivalent of stepping on glass.”

Waiata is a significant part of Māori culture. Whether sharing kai in the shed or welcoming manuhiri onto the marae, music pervades te ao Māori. There is seldom a get-together where a guitar or a speaker cannot be found among the crowd, everyone ready in an instant to burst into song. 

Link to article: The tragedy of being Māori and tone deaf | The Spinoff


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