'Many' injustices to Kāpiti Māori

admitted in Tribunal report

The Waitangi Tribunal has found the Crown committed "many" Treaty breaches on the Kāpiti Coast - including in the founding of the town of Waikanae and the acquisition of land for an airport - that resulted in significant prejudice "that is still felt today."

A 992-page report released on Thursday is the latest in the ongoing Porirua ki Manawatū inquiry, this time detailing the 17 claims of Te Ātiawa/Ngāti Awa around Waikanae, Paraparaumu and Paekākāriki.

It found Te Ātiawa/Ngāti Awa are largely landless because of heavy-handed and dubious purchasing schemes, and the Crown's failure to abide by promises. It recommended urgent negotiations for a treaty settlement.

"The Crown's Treaty breaches in respect of Te Ātiawa/Ngāti Awa have been serious and sustained over a long period of time, and the prejudicial effects have been highly significant," the tribunal said in an attached letter to ministers.

Link to recording and article: 'Many' injustices to Kāpiti Māori admitted in Tribunal report | RNZ News


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