Harmonic Resonators

add folk-reo Māori spin to classic songs

Since going viral for their feel-good folklore take on waiata Māori years ago on Facebook and YouTube, whānau band The Harmonic Resonators are back again with another album featuring hits by Fleetwood Mac, The Doobie Brothers, Coldplay and others – all in te reo Māori - and called Rongo ki te Oro.

Having travelled from Tauranga to talk to teaomāori.news, Jenny Hantler spoke of son and lead singer Jeremy’s passion for music as someone who “couldn’t stop moving” to any genre but in particular found his heart with waiata Māori.

“For a mum, to see him so happy in his place, words just can’t describe.”

Jeremy says the process to get the rights of songs made by other artists was a six-month long process, asking other record companies of bands to be able to re-version their music into te reo Māori.

Link to article: Harmonic Resonators add folk-reo Māori spin to classic songs - NZ Herald


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