Te Arawa Rangatira Tā Toby Curtis

leaves ‘powerful’ memoir

In one of his final acts of service to Aotearoa, the late Tā Toby Curtis penned a memoir which was launched in Rotorua.

In the book, he issues a powerful reminder that the work to build an equitable society in Aotearoa must continue.

“It is, from my perspective, the colonial shackles of governance that need to make way for the indigenous contribution to our way of life in Aotearoa.”

Completed in his final weeks, Tā Toby’s memoir: Toby Curtis — Unfinished Business: Ki Hea Āpōpō was launched with whānau, friends and close colleagues.

Link to article: Te Arawa Rangatira Tā Toby Curtis leaves ‘powerful’ memoir - NZ Herald


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