COP 27 ends with historic win

and abysmal fail

Rod Oram analyses the final, teeth-pulling outcome of the global climate summit in Egypt - a step forward but wide steps sideways as well

The COP27 climate negotiations staggered to an historic agreement on finance for developing countries on Sunday morning. But failed abysmally to curb fossil fuels or greenhouse gas emissions.

Intense political wrangling between nations made for a marathon closing plenary session that began on Sunday at 4am and concluded at 9.20am, after a third night running of negotiations at the end of the 14-day summit.

For the first time in the 30 years to date of the United Nation’s climate convention, the agenda included the issue of Global North finance to help the Global South cope with escalating physical damage and economic losses from extreme climate.

Link to article: COP 27 ends with historic win and abysmal fail (msn.com)


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