Māori have always grappled

with the art of ju-jitsu

Ju-jitsu black belt Anaru Grant Jr, of Te Arawa, has introduced te reo Māori and tikanga Māori into his club, Tukaha, in Rotorua.

He says he is doing so as the majority of his students are from kohanga reo and wharekura, and this also creates an opportunity for others to learn.

This week his club of 150 members is preparing to go to the nationals and showcase not only ju-jitsu talent but also te reo Māori and tikanga.

“There are a lot of positive outcomes with the Māori language, with ju-jitsu also. Therefore to join both and make that normalised here at the club is something great,” Grant says.

Link to article: Māori have always grappled with the art of ju-jitsu - NZ Herald


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