Te Papa launches

two new kaupapa Māori exhibitions

A dawn ceremony was held at Te Papa Tongarewa in Wellington yesterday to launch two special exhibitions.

Photographer Te Rawhitiroa Bosch created He Kaupapa Waka, which features photos taken in 2020 at the 80th anniversary commemorating the launch of the Waka Ngātoki Mata Whaorua in Waitangi.

Manu Rere Moana Pacific Voyagers was also launched alongside so visitors can learn about Māori sailing and the skills and knowledge that gave them the ability to make it to Aotearoa.

This exhibition includes a one-third-size replica of Te Aurere, built by the late Sir Hek Busby, along with historic waka hoe (paddles) and a prized tau ihutau (prow) and tau rapatau (stern) lent by Auckland War Memorial Museum.

Link to article: Te Papa launches two new kaupapa Māori exhibitions - NZ Herald


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