Māori have the solutions

to Aotearoa's 'dark past'

When South African members of Parliament turned to stare at John Rangihau sitting in their gallery during the apartheid era, he was torn between fear and the urge to pūkana.

Proceedings stopped until a note was passed to the speaker informing them the Tūhoe leader was a visiting welfare officer from New Zealand's Department of Māori Affairs, and he had diplomatic immunity.

On the same trip he met Desmond Tutu, went to support fellow diplomatic immunity-holder Samoan All Black Bryan Williams play the Springboks, and was invited to sit next to a judge to observe how their youth justice system worked. It was "almost unbelievable" for 1970, his daughter Kararaina Rangihau says.

Now she is using film - "an extension of our oral traditions" - to carry on her father's storytelling legacy and share his vision for all to retain their cultural identity in Aotearoa.

Link to video and article: Māori have the solutions to Aotearoa's 'dark past' | RNZ News


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