Mana Over Meth:

Dr Hinemoa Elder reflects on Loading Docs film

Reflections on Mana Over Meth, with Hinemoa Elder (Ngāti Kurī, Te Rarawa, Te Aupōuri, Ngāpuhi).
You can watch the Loading Docs film above.

Hands digging in the dirt, an image that opens up a cascade of other pictures in my mind.

Fingers combing out space between the grasses. Pulling apart their filigree roots and revealing what is just under the surface. The clumps of earth feeling cool and damp against the skin. Particles crumbling between fingers. How smoothly these earth crumbs fall away, returning back to their mothership, Papatūānuku. Fine dusty smudges left lingering behind, clinging to the skin. Tiny kisses find their way under nails, into the creases around knuckles and veins. Drawing their own earthy tāmoko into us, naming the lineage back home to our original Māmā.

This is how we enter the worlds of pain and of healing. This is how we are introduced to this woman's story. A story we can all see ourselves in. We recognise these cycles and their opportunities for growth through the eyes of Māori women.

Link to video and article: Mana Over Meth: Dr Hinemoa Elder reflects on Loading Docs film - NZ Herald


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