Māori and Moriori remains

finally returned to Aotearoa

The remains of more than 60 Māori and Moriori have finally returned home, after more than 70 years of appeals and negotiations.

Many of the kōiwi had been stolen by a notorious Austrian grave robber in the late 1800s, and held for more than a century at the Natural History Museum in the Austrian capital, Vienna.

But at Te Papa in Wellington on Sunday morning, they were finally returned in a ceremony at the museum's marae.

The sound of the karanga and putatara carried across the mist-cloaked harbour, the squally rain whipping onto the korowai, kahukiwi and garlands that adorned those who'd come to greet their long-lost whānau.

Link to article: Māori and Moriori remains finally returned to Aotearoa (msn.com)


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