Te Tiriti history

can't be 'left to chance'

Those designing the curriculum shouldn't avoid Te Tiriti facts that may provoke a reaction, particularly among those still clinging on to narratives of consensual colonisation, writes Christopher Burns

When the Government announced that New Zealand history would be prescribed in schools, Jacinda Ardern said that under the existing model “too much is left to chance in the teaching and learning of New Zealand history”.  

The framework to support teachers to teach Aotearoa New Zealand’s histories was released in March, and schools and kura are expected to implement the new curriculum contents from Term 1 in 2023. 

However, the changes to the draft curriculum document mean that crucial aspects of teaching and learning about Te Tiriti o Waitangi will continue to be “left to chance”. Specifically, all content describing the assurances given to rangatira in 1840 that signing Te Tiriti would not undermine their mana has been cut from the “key knowledge” sections of the curriculum document.

Link to article: Te Tiriti history can't be 'left to chance' (msn.com)


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