Davidson's bittersweet rebellion

over te reo Māori

Backing te reo Māori on a chocolate bar has resulted in some backlash for Green Party co-leader Marama Davidson - and prompted a reminder for other ministers about the rules.

Davidson, who is also a minister, yesterday posted a photo of herself holding five golden-wrapped bars of Whittaker's milk chocolate to social media with an expletive-laden caption.

Whittaker's faced backlash after introducing a limited-edition te reo Māori packaging for the milk chocolate block to support te wiki o te reo Māori, and Davidson said her post was intended to reject that racist criticism.

"I'm joining a movement that pushes back at racism that sort of grows around the blimmin' innocence of having a chocolate bar with a Māori name," she told reporters this afternoon.

Link to article: Davidson's bittersweet rebellion over te reo Māori (msn.com)


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