'Staggering link'

between CYF care and crime

Justice and education advocates have said their sectors need more collaboration with the state welfare arm, after a critical report on Child, Youth and Family (CYF) by the Children's Commissioner.

Principal Judge Andrew Becroft said the report was a vital piece of work.

He said the Youth Court dealt with the most damaged, dysfunctional and disordered young people in New Zealand, and the overwhelming majority of them had a care and protection background.

In his job, he comes across thoughtful young people, but from their perspective, the care and protection they have received has been atrocious.

"We know that, as night follows day, the inevitable path of those for whom care and protection is not done well is the Youth Court."

Link to interview and article: 'Staggering link' between CYF care and crime | RNZ News


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