The Practice of

Mourning and Living Life Now


Mourning involves moving from the reality we want to the reality that is.

We mourn when we lose loved ones, but also when we make choices and lose things, like opportunitie.

Thinking about mourning as an everyday practice can enhance our ability to live life in the present.

One day, on my last vacation, I got an email from work. It zipped past my away message to zing me with a little anxiety on my penultimate day off. There was a situation; they needed an email from me. Sensing the urgency and wanting it off my plate, I wrote quickly and hit send. Within an hour I had a terse reply. My email hadn’t landed well. I re-read my missive. Self-doubt ensued. I should have known better than to write something on vacation. My irritation at having to work while away probably clouded my judgment. I should have waited, I should have run it by someone else, I should have worded it differently, I should have. I should have.

Link to article: The Practice of Mourning and Living Life Now | Psychology Today


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