Canterbury Museum removes 'offensive and inaccurate'

Māori mannequins

Canterbury Museum has removed “offensive and inaccurate” Māori mannequins from its dioramas, more than two years after complaints were first made.

Canterbury Museum director Anthony Wright said people had told the museum the mannequins were the most offensive part of the dioramas.

For over two years, the dioramas have been partially covered with a message apologising for any offence that may have been caused. The dioramas were developed in the 1980s and based on earlier archaeological research.

A former museum board member previously claimed he asked for the exhibits to be removed in 2005, while earlier this year, race relations commissioner Meng Foon called for urgent action to rectify them.

Link to video and article: Canterbury Museum removes 'offensive and inaccurate' Māori mannequins | Stuff.co.nz


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