Helping older teens

get their mojo back

For nearly three years, teenagers and young adults have taken a psychological hit at a time when they should kicking off the next stage of their life, says clinical psychologist Karen Nimmo.

“What we've got is a micro generation of young people who feel ripped off by the whole Covid experience and obviously that's had an impact on mental health and wellbeing because that's time they can't get back,” Nimmo tells Kathryn Ryan.

But adolescence has always been a challenging part of life, she says, even for parents.

“If parents are looking back through the ages, we've always struggled with that life stage in a way, because you've got this beautiful little child who suddenly turns into something of an alien to you and they're defiant, and they're oppositional, and you feel a little bit like you're losing control and you're helpless in that space.

Link to interview and article: Helping older teens get their mojo back | RNZ


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