Tūhoe kuia inspires Māori-

Taiwanese film

An indigenous Taiwanese director will use the memory of a Tūhoe kuia who recently died to complete her cross-cultural film project.

Laha Mebow is the first indigenous female director from Taiwan. She's recently finished her third major film, which is featuring at the Cannes Festival.

Mebow first met Tūhoe kuia Hokimoana Te Rika-Hekerangi - known as Nanny Hoki - when visiting Aotearoa for a film exchange programme in 2019.

Mebow says she did not expect to make such a quick connection with 'Nan' or so many esteemed leaders in Te Ao Māori including Tame Iti and Rangi Mātāmua. She appreciated their guidance during the early development of the film The Child - a project she's working on with Kiwi lecturer Brendan Donovan and Māori filmmaker Todd Karehana.

Link to article: Tūhoe kuia inspires Māori-Taiwanese film project | Te Ao Māori News (teaomaori.news)


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