Tauranga fund

to celebrate Māori culture

Tauranga City Council is launching a new fund to celebrate Māori culture in the city.

The Kaupapa Māori Legacy Event Fund will reopen this Friday, July 1. 

It provides support to recurring events that celebrate tangata whenua, promote tikanga Māori, and raise awareness of historical and culturally significant events in Tauranga Moana.

The focus of the fund is to support hapū and iwi to elevate and share their culture, and provide opportunities for the community to connect with the Māori culture and grow their knowledge basket.

"As knowledge holders, cultural owners and kaitiaki of mātauranga Māori, these events provide the community with the opportunity to be part of the culture and to learn," says a statement from Tauranga City Council.

Link to article: SunLive - Tauranga fund to celebrate Māori culture - The Bay's News First


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