Hopes and doubts

as health system overhaul kicks in

The biggest change to our health system in 20 years is set to kick off at midnight, but as the sector faces increasing strain, critics are questioning whether now is the best time for a change.

On Friday, July 1, two brand new entities will be at the helm of our health system and the days of the country’s 20 district health boards will be over.

The change will cost $500 million and will see regional DHBs replaced by Health NZ and the Māori Health Authority, entities based in Wellington.

It’s hoped that the centralised systems will end the so-called "postcode lottery" that delivers varied wait times and access to healthcare region-to-region.

The Māori Health Authority is tasked with better outcomes for Māori who, along with Pasifika, have less access to care and a shortened life expectancy of up to 10 years.

Link to video and article: Hopes and doubts as health system overhaul kicks in (1news.co.nz)


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