Ten key words to unlock understanding

of Māori verbs

The primary purpose in these columns is to clarify as much as possible the differences between contemporary English and te reo Māori.

To that end some of main differences tend to be re-examined from various alternative perspectives. It’s hoped such additional explanations, besides offering access to new readers, also reinforce understanding of earlier explanations.

In the last column it was mentioned that te reo Māori was used as a code-language by New Zealand troops in Italy during World War II, because it was virtually incomprehensible to most Europeans.Probably the major difference between te reo and the languages of Europe is found in the verbs. 

Anyone who has studied French, German, Italian, or any of the other languages of Europe will be well aware of the extensive range of verb-forms, many irregular, which need to be mastered.

Link to article: Ten key words to unlock understanding of Māori verbs | Stuff.co.nz


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