Film Review:

The Lion King Reo Māori

In 1994, I took my niece and nephew, then aged 5 and 7, to watch Disney's The Lion King at the cinema in New Plymouth. Last night, 28 years later, I attended the premiere of The Lion King Reo Māori at Auckland's Civic Theatre.

The experience of watching the translated version of the animated classic made me emotional.

I sat there thinking about how my niece and nephew, who are now in their 30s and with children of their own, will have the opportunity to take their tamariki to this Hollywood masterpiece and enjoy hearing the beloved characters speak and sing the Elton John-written hit songs in the language of their tupuna.

The rapturous applause from the audience when the film started, mirrored the enthusiasm of the memorable opening scene of The Lion King.

Link to article: Film Review: The Lion King Reo Māori - NZ Herald


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