Our guide to a new Aotearoa

Instead, it was when Rereata Makiha, Papa Ral to many, years ago told me to show up, microphone in hand, to a random university lecture hall. He gave no other information. I, of course, did what I was told, and rolled up with no idea what was about to happen. My mind was about to be blown.

I heard about this magical cluster of stars that our ancestors looked to mark te matahi o te tau - the new year - as it aligned with our lunar calendar. It all made absolute sense. Of course. I will never forget that feeling of validation and, quite frankly, satisfaction in learning and reclaiming our systems and knowledge.

I turn to this week. Our daughters hold names of winter stars: Hiwaiterangi - our wishing star in the Matariki cluster, and Pikiarero - one of the daughters of Puanga, which is used to mark the new year for other iwi. Their whānau, the myriad of people who raise these defiant shining stars, are our guiding lights as we reclaim this mātauranga, many of who have worked tirelessly to do so.

Link to article: Matariki: Our guide to a new Aotearoa | RNZ News


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