Reading the signs:

Why literacy rates are falling

It might seem counterintuitive that in 2022, with the vast knowledge available to us at our fingertips, student performance in the building-blocks of education is worsening. 

But in Aotearoa, that's exactly what's happening. 

Since the late-2000s, the performance of New Zealand students in international standardised tests measuring numeracy, literacy, and science performance has been slowly but steadily declining. 

The drops are rarely so dramatic in any given year as to ring alarm bells - but over time, it's added up. 

Last December, 13 year-olds recorded their worst-ever score in the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study. 

In 2019, 15 year-olds recorded their worst-ever score in the PISA test. 

Link to article: Reading the signs: Why literacy rates are falling | RNZ


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