Finding my taha Māori

through Matariki

I’ve always been fascinated by the night sky, purely because it’s so beautiful. When I was growing up, it baffled me that the people around me were never interested in it. There’s this vast expanse above us, full of beautiful shimmering lights, and nobody seemed to care. 

After a long stint in hospitality, I decided to study environmental science, but what I really wanted was to learn more about the stars. So, I decided to volunteer at the Stardome Observatory in Auckland as a telescope operator. I didn’t know anything about astronomy, let alone Māori astronomy, when I started out. 

But I slugged it out and learned everything I could on the job. And what I ended up learning about Matariki and the maramataka has changed my life.

Link to article: Finding my taha Māori through Matariki - E-Tangata


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