Māori rangatahi,

you are more than a statistic

Karanama Ruru (Ngāti Raukawa/Ngāti Maniapoto) is a te ao Māori and youth affairs reporter for Stuff in Auckland.

OPINION: It was hard to claim my Māoritanga growing up. It wasn’t so much that I had fairer skin than most Māori I knew or that I couldn’t speak much te reo. I blame that on urbanisation.
It was the mamae and internalised racism that was enforced by the idea that I’m nothing more than a statistic waiting to happen.

I’m not sure if I realised it much as a child, but the negative representation of Māori in the media and wider society made me believe I was inherently bad for who I was.

Link to video and article: Māori rangatahi, you are more than a statistic | Stuff.co.nz


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