CAB has advice

for grandparents

The idea of becoming a grandparent can be exciting and a bit daunting at the same time, depending on our role as grandparents. Many grandparents enjoy interacting with their grandkids without the day-to-day responsibilities of parents. This can mean a weekend together every now and then, an afternoon playdate, babysitting in the evening, or chats on the phone or even emails written. Sometimes however, life circumstances change or maybe things just haven't gone to plan and it can often fall to grandparents to take on full or part-time responsibility for their grandchildren.

An increasing number of grandparents are now taking on the parenting role for their grandchildren. This means giving up leisure time, maybe plans for holidays and travel are no longer viable, and even their independence has disappeared. For these grandparents, they are now required to step back into the role of a parent. Day-to-day managing a home, meeting schedules, cooking meals, homework and playdates all become everyday life once again. And this does not include the stress factors for not only the grandparents but also the children themselves.

Link to article: CAB has advice for grandparents - NZ Herald


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