Māori health leaders

focus on ‘rightful place’ of rongoā Māori

Leading Māori health specialists will talk at a one-day symposium about the critical role rongoā Māori could play in the country's health and disability sector.

Whanganui-based Whakauae Research Services says the symposium is a pivotal collaboration between Māoridom and Crown health agencies to improve health equity.

The symposium, called Tū Mai Rongoā Symposium - Calling Forth the Mana of Rongoā, brings the Ngāti Hauiti research institute together with the Ministry of Health, ACC, the interim Māori Health Authority and the rongoā community.

Rongoā are natural remedies, medicine, and traditional treatment based on mātauranga Māori (Māori knowledge).

Link to article: Māori health leaders focus on ‘rightful place’ of rongoā Māori | RNZ News


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