The Lion King reo Māori

hitting cinemas next month

A version of Disney’s The Lion King dubbed entirely in te reo Māori will launch at the Māoriland Film Festival next month.

It’s the second Māori version of a Disney hit to be screened in cinemas following Moana in 2017. A dubbed production of Frozen will release in a few months to line up with Te Wiki o te reo Māori.

The Lion King production comes from Oscar-nominated filmmaker Chelsea Winstanley and Tweedie Waititi of Matewa Media. Winstanley said it was “always our dream” to dub more Disney films into te reo Māori. “We are extremely thrilled to continue this journey with The Walt Disney Company, it clearly demonstrates their commitment as a company to diversity and inclusion,” she said in a statement last year.

Link to article:The Lion King reo Māori hitting cinemas next month | May 18 2022 | The Spinoff


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