The prejudice Nadia Lim has faced

should spur reflection

Eurasian fluff. It got me thinking.

Since the story broke, we have had our newspaper and social media feeds spill over with equal measures of outrage and contempt. Calls for resignation and investor boycotts intermingled with good old unrestrained venting and reporting about the reduction in share price and associated personal wealth.

The ire of many a New Zealander was directed at the person who dared to undermine someone whom we easily recognise by Christian name alone. In all that I read, I think I saw but one contrarian perspective about free speech and cancel culture.

So now what? With the initial response to this episode well covered, surely it calls for us as governors to reflect a little deeper and review our own entities.

Link to article: The prejudice Nadia Lim has faced should spur reflection | Otago Daily Times Online News (odt.co.nz)


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