Parents must be passionate advocates

for their children's education

OPINION: It is well known that the New Zealand education system is under huge stress and, with exceptions, under-performing. For decile 1-3 schools full attendance is around 40% and 2021 NCEA results saw not only a decrease in overall performance but ever widening gaps. This worries a lot of parents.

The very best thing about the Tomorrow’s Schools system is that much of the power resides with parents. This is appropriate given they pay for the system, and it is their children enduring it. If a parent wants the school their child goes to to thrive then a lot of the responsibility lies with them.

The second thing is that there have been huge changes to our understanding of critical developmental stages, methods and activities that work. Many of these are home-based and rely on the parent(s) being the first/best teacher and staying deeply interested and engaged throughout the child’s education – regardless of their own educational background.

Link to video and article: Parents must be passionate advocates for their children's education | Stuff.co.nz


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