A day in the Havelock North sun

for moko kauae

A circle of about 400 people was formed on a Havelock North reserve today to signify the learning message that has come out of a woman's revelations of objections to her moko kauae facial tattoo in the same park.

The formation of the porowhita - symbolising the circle of life as a journey of discovery and learning – came at the end of a rally recognising the value and importance of moko kauae and other body tattooing, and supporting mum Jay Scott who last month revealed she had been approached by two women near the playground in the reserve and asked to either cover-up the tattoo or leave – because the women said it was "scaring" their children.

Helena Winiata and mother Te Raina Ferris, from Porangahau, although Winiata lives in Otaki, and others decided it was time to clear the air of any misunderstandings, and with the weather playing ball and providing a brilliantly clear afternoon with temperatures of 19-20C the conditions couldn't have been better as women told of their experiences with moko kauae.

Link to article: A day in the Havelock North sun for moko kauae - NZ Herald

Link to video: Te Karere: Wāhine mau moko kauae stand against discrimination - YouTube


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