A day in the life

of a Māori academic

I wasn’t intending to write an ode to my university life. Having recently resigned to focus on my own consultancy business, I would rather slip away, comfortable with my personal decision to move on to new challenges and new freedoms. 

But then something happened. I decided to attend an online seminar run by the School of Medicine Board of Research at Auckland University.

The email invite, which had been sent to all staff in the medical and health sciences faculty, said that we’d hear from Alison Jones, a Pākehā professor from Te Puna Wānanga, the School of Māori and Indigenous Education. She would present a critique of the idea of “Māori inclusion”. The seminar summary noted that Professor Jones would “bring new insights to the popular ideas of diversity, equity and Māori inclusion in the academy”.

Link to article: A day in the life of a Māori academic - E-Tangata


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